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Friday, November 28, 2014

Product Review of the Chicken Fountain

PRODUCT REVIEW: The Chicken Fountain...

Welcome to a PRODUCT REVIEW 
by Aisling Farms!

Disclaimer: All the products I review on my blog have been tested by me personally! If you would like me to do a review on your product please email me at aislingfarms@gmail.com 

On my facebook page I tend to do giveaways to help other companies get the word out about their product! Chicken Fountain offered to giveaway three sets of their brooder bottle caps but in turn they also sent me FOUR to test out! I thought that was rather nice and decided I would do a review on them so I can share with others on how I felt first hand using it on my farm, about this particular product that they offer. 

Brooder Bottle Caps

What I received as a "gift" from them! 
The reason I wanted to sponsor this giveaway for this product before even testing it is because of what I have read about it. My baby chicks are always dumping their waterers over and it wets their whole entire brooder area and it not only makes a mess but also makes me have to spend money on more bedding products. Also, have you ever had your water filled with bedding or chicken poo? Well, this simple little product gets rid of all these problems! 

A direct quote from the Chicken Fountain Owners
"Our new booder bottle cap will fit a standard soda bottle. Our caps will help you provide clean, fresh water to your baby chicks as well as start them on a dripper waterer earlier in life. Our caps also make a great addition to your isolation cage, should have you an injured or sick bird. Best of all your new chicks will have access to fresh clean water all while preventing them from accidental drowning."

Got a 2 liter bottle and my cap ready!
 (read instructions before use)
At the time I didn't have the "cattle bottle holder" purchased in order to install how they recommended so I used zip ties, which was OK but definitely not ideal. It was very hard to change out the water and a waste of zip ties. This is my fault not the companies.

At first there was no hole poked in the bottom of the bottle...this is VERY needed or the air flow won't occur and NO WATER will come out! So make sure you do this step! This is my warning to you all right now! (again my fault...I should learn to read instructions)

The chicks that I had in my brooder area of my coop took to the water bottle immediately, no training was necessary. All I did was tap it a few times with their beak and they felt the water. Once one figures it out usually they all do but you might want to watch them for a little bit to make sure.

Here is how I currently have it. I found this "cattle bottle holder" at our local feed store. The gal at the feed store said I might have to adjust where the nipple sits but I did not need to make any adjustments. Just mount how you prefer. 

This is so simple to refill! There are probably a few different ways you can mount based on your brooder. I added a few screws and it sits just fine in place. I simply remove the bottle and fill and place right back in its spot. Since I have four caps I might put them at different levels in the brooder due to this is also my "grow out" area or "injured" chicken area. 
(Current brooder photo)

Overall Rating By Aisling Farms:
Cons: Only needing to adjust to height for chicks as they grow which is easy enough to do
Pros: Clean water, no drowning chicks, no tipped over water
Set-up Rating: *****
Company Service Rating: ***** (very nice company)
Recommendation Rating: ***** (I would recommend anyone to their products) 
Price Rating: ***** (worth it for your chickens health)
Direct Link to Product: Brooder Bottle Caps  (if you do purchase from them please let them know Aisling Farms referred you-we do not get any kickbacks for referring you or reviewing this product)

Hope you have enjoyed this review brought to you by Aisling Farms!
Happy Farming!

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