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Monday, December 29, 2014

Gardening: Companion Planting with Onions

Gardening: Companion Planting with Onions...

Companion Planting with Onions
Lets learn a little about companion planting with onions. 

- Onions and garlic are compatible with most varieties of tomato. 

- Onions also do well with celery and carrots because they repel insect pests that favor these vegetables.

- Onions go together with chamomile, dill, savory and parsley.

- Other companions to plant near onions and garlic include beets, sweet peppers, spinach, lettuce and parsnips.

- Onions also repel insect pests of strawberries and peaches.

Gardening Tip: When you plant onions and garlic around vegetable companions, scatter the onion and garlic plants to minimize infestation by onion/garlic pests such as onion maggots. For good results, interplant the onions and garlic between companion plants.
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    1. Awe thank you! It takes me awhile to post I think I have about 10 in draft mode hahah! I just always want to make sure it is useful information to everyone :)

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    1. Me too! Pretty easy plant to grow! I tend to over kill and I actually have some growing in my winter garden right now ha! Shallots mostly and garlic :)

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