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About Our Pigs: 

The breed of pigs we raise are Yorkshire crosses. We like this cross because we get just the right size in just the right time. We raise our pigs for 6-7 months twice a year. We have a batch we raise from March-September and then from September-February. We grain feed all our pigs because we feel slop feeding makes the meat fattier than leaner and therefore you end up paying for fat versus hardy meat! This grain is locally milled by another pig farmer and all grain is obtained by Eastern Washington and combined to make just the perfect feed for our pigs. We do free feed so they can eat whenever they would like but we adjust the protein levels as they grow in size. We enjoy being around our pigs so we visit them and play with them at least twice a day. They are happy and healthy pigs here at Aisling Farms! 

What We Offer: 

You can purchase a whole or half a pig for $3.75 a pound. We ask for a deposit of $250 for half or $500 for whole before we have obtained your pig. We do this because we do not want to be responsible for more pig meat that we as a family can place in our freezer. We only raise the amount of pigs each season that have been prepaid for up front. Having this deposit also helps us to cover the costs of the feed as we are raising your pork. Once pig is to butcher weight (usually around 260-280) we then have them slaughtered here on the farm and taken to Home Meats in Olympia for cut and wrap. You are responsible for paying Home Meats for your cut and wrap order yourself (This price depends on the types of cuts you want and the amount of smoking you have them do). You will then pay the remainder of the pig deposit to Aisling Farms once we obtain the hanging weight (usually around 200-240) of the pig you have purchased. This amount is due upon delivery of your meat. Aisling Farms will go and pick up your cut and wrap order from Home Meats and deliver to you. 

If you are interested in placing a deposit on a pig for us to raise please email us  at aislinfarms@gmail.com. You are more than welcomed to visit your pig at any time as well. We take pride in the way we raise and care for our animals at Aisling Farms and love educating on how we manage our farm.

Check out the video of one of the batches of baby pigs we have raised. 

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