...but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life...(Prov. 13:12)

About Us

Our Family of Five & Our Five Acre Journey!

Are you new to farming? YUP, so are we! Our journey just began in March 2014!! 

The "Why"...

(aka Jennifer aka Farmgirl) enjoy conversing and sharing the journey's that we are experiencing as we go through our day in making our 5 acre land and home into a self-sustaining farm. It was our "vision" and "dream" to have this property hence why we chose the name "Aisling Farms." (I pronounce is like Azy-Ling but the proper Irish way is ASH-ling) I personally like the sound of "Azy-ling" Farms so that is what we went with for our farm.

How did we come up with our name... "Aisling" means vision and dream in Irish and as an Irish family this word fit perfectly into our farm naming process because this house and property IS our vision and our dream and we are, and have been so excited going through this journey together as a family of five!  

The "Beginning"...  but definitely not the end...

We had a plan in mind before we even signed on the dotted line, for our house on five acres. This house was smaller, but had the property that we were looking for. We have the nice sound of  a seasonal creek running circular to our home which ultimately divides our "farm animals" space and our "kid's" space. We started right away at transforming this wooded/blackberry bush property into our dream farm, which would end up being the perfect amount of space for the chickens, the pigs, the rabbits, the garden & greenhouse, the goats, the bees and much much more!

Did I even answer the "WHY" yet?

I honestly think I can answer the "why" with a few simple pictures from the last few months so here you go! You are playing catch up with what has been happening at Aisling Farms to get you up to speed...

Now that I have updated you...won't you continue to follow us in our journey?

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