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Hatching Eggs & Chicks

Are you wanting add color to your "Easter Egg Basket?" 

If the answer is YES then you have come to the right place! Aisling Farms, located in Kitsap County, WA, offers the lovely "Rainbow Easter Egg" variety of hatching eggs and chicks!

Chickens really do have a personality! We have many breeds and we do have our favorites but for the most part we enjoy each one of the breeds that roam our homestead daily!

Check out what we have here at Aisling Farms!
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Breeds We Will Be Offering in 2017:
Pics coming soon!
  • Black & Self Blue (Lavender) Pure Ameracaunas (blue eggs)
  • Cream Legbars (blue eggs and autosexing)
  • Blue, Black, Splash Marans (chocolate colored eggs)
  • Isabella and Brown Leghorns (white eggs)
  • Sexlinked  Easter Eggers (sexable at hatch and will lay olive/green eggs or darker brown)
  • Color Variety of Orpingtons (brown/cream eggs)
  • Silkies: Need a broody or a pet breed? We will have a variety of silkie colors available! 
Price List:
  • Sexed Chicks $10 (Cock birds $5): This includes cream legbars who lay blues eggs and our sex linked easter eggers who will lay olive or brown eggs (we will not know when they hatch which color they will be laying so it is a 50/50 chance on egg color) 
  • Unsexed Chicks $8 
  • Older birds not usually available for purchase til later in the season and very limited

Showmanship and Quality of our Birds:

We get this question alot because everyone has their own goals or focus of their flock, so this is our take on it all and what our focus is for our birds and the birds you will receive from Aisling Farms. 

Our main focus is egg color first. We fell in love with how colorful chicken eggs can be from one breed to another and from there we have found some of our favorite breeds. We do not show birds however some of our lines came from breeders that do show. Most of our breeders are hatched here at Aisling Farms from eggs we had shipped in out of state. We do our best to work on our breeds to the standards for show and what the APA Standard of Perfection guidelines are but we can not guarantee your particular chick you purchase will be show standards. No breeder can guarantee that actually. I know from breeding for the past three years that a show quality bird takes ALOT and I mean ALOT of work so kuddos to those that show! Those that show can and will see in our birds the pros and cons and I feel our birds do have more pros than cons in regards to showmanship. We dont use hatchery birds in our breeding and during the rest of the year while we are not hatching we are seeing what qualities our breeding stock can improve on to be better for the breed. We want to keep the breed standards going not remove those standard qualities from the breed. 

Ordering & Refund Policy: 

All orders are prepaid via paypal. I will not take any other options due to cancellations last minute. Please EMAIL US with your order and questions. I will do my best to sex each chick for you but I can not guarantee so please be prepared to end up with a rooster. I will not take a rooster back or replace the rooster. Please be prepared to pick up your chicks within 24 hours of me letting you know your chicks are ready for pick up and we have an agreed pick up date or additional $5 a day will be charged for holding as this ups my feeding costs and takes my brooder space. There will be NO REFUNDS once invoice has been paid so please make sure you are ready for your chicks. Only time I will refund is when I can not fulfill your order fully and I will ONLY refund you on the chicks that I am lacking in providing. I will not refund on the rest of the order if I have the chicks to fulfill it.

Shipping Policy on Hatching Eggs: 

Once you order I need a week to collect your eggs. I ship on Mondays or Tuesdays only as this seems to be the best time for shipping so your eggs are not sitting in route on a Sunday. They will be less than 7 days old and will contain the date they were collected and code of what breed they are each egg. I double box smaller order and I single box bigger orders (7+). I bubble wrap each egg and make sure they are snug. Once I ship out I will provide you with a tracking number. It is your responsibility to watch tracking and get eggs from post office as soon as they arrive. I have found to not add in "do not xray" on box as this just makes them xray. I will add fragile, which side is up and your phone number to hold for pick up. Once eggs are in the hand of the post office I am not responsible for them and will not replace them as people use this to receive "free" eggs and are not honest about what actually occurred. I suggest if you are new to hatching that you do a test hatch before ordering eggs so you understand how your machine works as there are many different machines out there and there is some knowledge that goes into hatching.

Please do not make us the bad guys. Read all info before ordering so you are clear as to what our guidelines are for ordering, shipping and refunding.