...but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life...(Prov. 13:12)



This page is devoted to our Rabbits at Aisling Farms. Never in a million years did I think we would be owning, much less breeding rabbits! Through some reading and learning I have come to realize they are a great asset to a farm! Between the meat but also their poop (yes giggle giggle, I said "poop") for the garden they are awesome and so easy to maintain! An added bonus to rabbits are they are quiet too! 

"Why" we raise rabbits: 

We Raise New Zealands. Our main buck is a red and our does are red and broken red. We have been breeding and butchering rabbits for almost 3 years now and it is the meat that basically replaces any recipe that calls for chicken. We grain feed our rabbits for the most part along with offering timothy hay. We do provide sprouted barley aka fodder along with other greens from our garden and property. We do keep our rabbits in hutches off the ground because our environment is so wet here we feel this is cleaner and more sanitary for our rabbits. If you dont know it already but rabbit poop is great for your gardens and can be placed right into the garden beds for instant fertilization! If you are interested in obtaining our own breeders please let us know! We do butcher all our own rabbits so if you are looking for help in doing that so you can try rabbit for the first time contact us and lets chat!

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