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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Just Me: No "Hidden Agenda"

Just Me: No "Hidden Agenda"...

A bit about me from the heart: There is no "hidden agenda"... 

*I sell seeds cause I want to encourage others to garden.(I make 20% of sales)

*I sell all natural products cause I want to educate  people and show them a product that isn't harmful to them. (I make 25% off sales) 

*I created a facebook farming page so others can help get guidance on raising animals and learning more about homesteading and farming and not get lashed out at or judged for something they do on their own farm.

If you want to support me in these things then great but if not then that is fine too! I spend alot of time researching what I do and what I post. I just want to help people but sometimes it is so hard. Not sure why people are so not open to receiving help. I would love it if people would see gestures and handouts as a way of helping rather than some "hidden agenda" behind it. 

There is no "hidden agenda" I do these things and promote them because I enjoy these things. I dont need the money to support my family. My husband supports us with working. I put my heart and soul into my blog posts and even these facebook posts. I dont just post things on here or my blog for the heck of it. I do what I can to help offer free items and giveaways to people because then they might "try" to grow their own food this way. I am alot different then some other people you run across. My main hobby is educating...I love it. Those of you that have asked me questions and I have spent hours helping you probably know this. I put my heart and soul into everything I do so either take what I do in that way or don't but remember that is your choice not mine. Mine is to help. I am a christian and we are put on this earth to support and help each other in with the gifts God has given us. Mine is education and empathy and compassion. Look at yourself and figure out what you "gift" is and roll with it.  

Happy Farming!