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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Companion Planting with Onions & Strawberries

Companion Planting with Onions and Strawberries...

Onions & Strawberries
Do they go well together?
To me it sounded weird but I really want to make use of companion planting this year cause I feel then you will not only get the most bang for your buck but you will also be able to use every part of your garden space! Strawberries and onions can be planted right now in my zone (find your zone here). So thought why not border the strawberry bed with onions? So looking into it further I found that strawberries and onions go well together! The onions help keep the bad bugs away from the strawberries and help them fight off any diseases! Go figure! 

For this bed I had to rejuvenate it cause I am not sure the last time it had good soil in it since this was a bed already established at our homestead when we bought it. I mixed in some soil from an old bed last year, a couple of bags of organic compost and some lovely rabbit poo! I had the trailer of the riding lawn mower all filled and ready to go. Easy task I figured for the day...WRONG!
Our lawnmower doesn't have much power and couldn't pull the trailer up a little hill so I got the trailer stuck and the it dumped over...awesome right? Not to mention the lawnmower also got stuck.
So I had to get the soil from point A to point B so I shoveled it. I couldn't bare the thought of loosing all the good soil I just made!
 Also, added some new soil to my established raspberry bushes as well. 
I did get everything unstuck with the help of my four year old pushing the gas pedal!

The onions got planted...
Yes I had fun and put my onions in a color pattern around the border of the strawberry bed.

Companions for strawberries: are beans, borage, lettuce, onions, spinach and thyme. 
Do not plant: Cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and kohlrabi. 

Companions for onions: Planting chamomile and summer savory with onions improves their flavor. Other companions are carrot, leek, beets, kohlrabi, strawberries, brassicas, dill, lettuce and tomatoes. Do not plant: Peas and asparagus.

So this is just them all tucked in together with netting on top since my chickens decided this was a great place to scratch around for bugs!

You can read more on companion planting with onions HERE!

What are you going to try and companion plant together this gardening season?
Needs seeds? Get them HERE!

Happy Farming!

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