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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Greenhouse Seedling Bench (DIY)

Greenhouse Seedling Bench (DIY)...

Greenhouse DIY Seedling Bench
So I give hubby drawings ALOT and he usually follows them exactly and well this time I can say that I am glad he didn't follow my directions cause my sense of size was WAY OFF! So off he went WITHOUT my drawing, but we did chat before he took off to the greenhouse! 

He was in there for about an hour while I was up in the other garden planting some seeds. He came back and I had to go check it out and wow he is awesome and I am truly blessed!

We had this extra wire rack for hanging clothes when we built our daughter's closet system and we never returned this part so thought it would be great! Of course he didn't use pallets, but instead he used 2x4s cause pallets sitting vertically would have come out way too far and blocked my walking space in there!

My water line I am working on goes right through so I can still even put buckets in front of this bench but also the wire wrack and this whole thing can move out of my way. I wanted it easily movable for when I am not needing it or maybe wanted to take it outside to pot up some plants. 

Here are the first lettuce starts to join the greenhouse. So we will see what happens with these little starts that I sprouted indoors. If this works well I can then have more space to start more seeds indoors and put these starts out in the greenhouse for a bit til I can either plant them in the raised beds or in the milk jugs. 
(Yes MILK JUGS...see that post HERE)

Thanks hubby this is the perfect little bench for this! I can even do some potting on this if I wanted to!

Happy Farming!

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  1. This is a great DIY build. I have worked out a similar design, but I used old dish washing racks as my wire rack. A little more cutting to break it all down to size, but you can't beat free materials. The mesh rack is great for drainage as I am always a little messy when watering the plants.

    Refugia Stein @ Container Domes