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Monday, February 23, 2015

My Old Garden Revamped (DIY Fencing)

My Old Garden Revamped (DIY fencing)...

My Old Garden Gets A Makeover
DIY Fencing

My old garden space is considered my "old" space because I am working on starting up a new garden area further down on the property, however this garden fed us well last year so I didn't want to demolish it! I thought about just making it into an herb garden but as I dived more into companion planting this year I noticed that alot of herbs help produce better crops so I can't really "separate" them completely! So, I technically will have two gardens which is nice cause right now that new garden isn't set up but this space is so I can start planting some cold hardy crops! Plus with all the planting I want to keep doing, I will need two garden spaces and having one closer to the house will be nice as well.

Well, I am in love with my "old" garden space fencing that my sweet hubby put together based on this drawing that I drew for him to show him my idea. 

My Goal: A Free Fence Built From Natural Resources!

Yep, I wanted to create a cute, natural but FREE fencing for my old garden space. I wasn't planning on doing alot with this space but it is one of those areas that you first see when you drive up. Here is the a picture that I took from the driveway of the "before."

It is just boring and bland and not what I envisioned the entrance looking like. So I started with remove the pallet bins which were where I planted my potatoes last year. I removed all the soil and revamped that soil with compost mix of organic compost and lovely rabbit poo!

Hubby was gone in Alaska so I started with taking some weed block and laying it down and outlining the border of where I wanted the fence to be because I knew the grass inside of the fenced area needed to go! I already had a temp fence up last year when we first moved cause of the chickens getting into it and mowing inside of that was not fun plus you would get grass clippings in your beds! 

Then hubby came home for his two weeks and he got right to work! This fence took us three days roughly. (He wasn't feeling well for one of them so things moved slower)

So all the fencing material we already had such as the t-posts and then all the "wood" came right off our property and a few logs the neighbor had given up which were the perfect size for the upright posts that hubby set into place below.

We needed to figure out how to keep those posts upright so we pounded the t-posts in and each spacing was about 6ft between each post. He used his chainsaw and made a "slit" in each posts that made the tposts fit in just perfect! He then went around and put a metal type of wire around the top to make sure the wood posts stayed on the tposts. 

We got them all set into place and now we needed to collect some wood for the cross beams.

For the cross beams we had to go around the property and we actually cut a few smaller trees down in order to obtain the amount of pieces we needed. The boys of course love when daddy falls trees on the property, no matter what the size! We needed 38 posts and we found them! Yipee!

Doesn't it look awesome?? 

I went around and attached deer block netting with a staple gun to the cross beams so nothing can actually get through this fencing...especially CHICKENS! I like the netting because you really can't see it till you are right up to the fence. 

Once all the cross beams were in place, I showed hubby some "Pinterest" inspiration for the gate. Look what he came up with and also check out the finish project! (We will be adding mulch on the black weed block and I will update this post once that is in as well)

So all we did was collect sticks from around the property of all different shapes and hubby found a very cool curved one to put a little extra creativeness to the top which I love! We did purchase hinges and the gate lock and it works perfectly!

 I feel it added so much character now to this garden space and makes it very welcoming!

Now remember the "before" picture? Well, here is the before and after in case you forgot!


I can't wait to add mulch and yep I started planting in there! Yay to 60 degree weather in February!

Thanks goes to my sweet hubby for getting this all done just the way I drew above :) See my drawing's aren't so bad!

Updated: Mulch is in and adding a rock border at the bottom base of the fence line. I love it!

Happy Farming!

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