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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Our First Thanksgiving at Aisling Farms

Give Thanks: Our First "Aisling Farm" Thanksgiving...

An Aisling Farms Thanksgiving

Well, we had our first Thanksgiving at Aisling Farms and it was absolutely wonderful! Sometimes the holidays can get rather hectic with three kiddos and long days, so we decided to stay home. 

 First "chore" of our day is we still had to tend to the farm and I must say it was rather nice having my "farm guy" home to help tend to the daily chores of the farm I usually do myself...he actually did ALL the chores, even treated our piggies to some yummy pumpkin feast of their own! 

This was pretty amazing...we have four, yes FOUR of these from one pig and they are about 12 pounds each and full of wonderful meat! I feel we give our pigs a good life and it might be kind of weird to post a picture of a ham after showing pictures of my piggies out in their pen, but they do serve a purpose on our farm and up til their "purpose" occurs we give them a wonderful life! 
This was a good Thanksgiving feast! The family even requested my Potato/Kale Recipe, (click here to see the recipe) yes they all requested kale! Amazing I say! To top off the meat and the potatoes, we added pretzel rolls which are amazing, a ceasar salad (not homegrown) and fruit left from the last Bountiful Basket I received. 

Then dessert...well just look at it...
(From Shari's...definitely not homemade)

Yep I got to wear this all day, even while cooking! 
One benefit to staying home on Thanksgiving is you get to wear your "comfies!" This was my new outfit I got the day prior just for this occasion and I think it is my new "go to" outfit! 

 Late night Thanksgiving Football with my Farm Guy was a perfect ending to our day! 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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