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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Why Raise Rabbits

Why Raise Rabbits...

We never planned on raising rabbits and breeding them for meat purposes but after seeing some basic facts on the meat that rabbits produce we were more into accepting the idea and dived into learning more. With rabbit meat it is one of the leanest and most healthiest meats you can put on your dinner table! 

Here is what us "Rabbit" people call the "6 to 1 Ratio":
You can Raise 6 lbs of rabbit on the same feed and water that you raise 1 lb of beef.
Also, when you butcher a rabbit the one rabbit is essentially one meal but when it comes time to butcher a cow you have to find storage for 100-200 meals where with a rabbit you butcher one and it provides one meal. No need to make room in your food storage. Also, no waiting for a cow to be full grown. You can butcher rabbits when they are around 8-12 weeks and usually these larger breeds can get anywhere from 8-10 size litters! That is a lot of meat! You can also rebreed rather soon after they kindle as well. 

Just that ratio made it worth it to us! There is alot of money that is invested into one cow and what if that cow gets sick right before butchering...you are out ALOT of money! We just decided we didn't want to take that chance and it was alot harder to house a cow than it would be little rabbits plus they are fun to play with and helps any baby fever that would ever creep up! ha!

Now when it comes to "that" time not sure how we will all handle it because yes bunnies are super cute! We shall see! 

I had the pleasure of testing out our first rabbit meat and honestly it is better than chicken! I told my family we were eating chicken and they wanted seconds and said it was the best chicken they has so far! Well, after I told them it was the rabbit I had in the freezer they were amazed! 

We are a white meat family so the dark meat of the chicken makes it hard to really want to spend time butchering them whereas a rabbit is ALL white meat and tastes as good, if not better than chicken! It is also very tender and is one of the leanest meats you will consume.  It has less calories than chicken or beef! Can't beat that and now that we actually know we like it we are excited! So between our abundance of eggs from our chickens and we butcher as we want and the endless rabbit meat and pig meat we are getting pretty set on this farm with our protein selection!

Sources about Rabbit Meat: 

Happy Farming!

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