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Monday, January 12, 2015

Big Changes: Alaska

Big Changes: Alaska...

Just a Post from Me: It is crazy to think that after almost 6 years of being business owners we no longer have to worry about payroll taxes, excise taxes, quarterly taxes, yearly taxes etc. No more dealing with having no health insurance, cause the price skyrocketed for small business owners after Obama did his lovely "change." We don't have to try and figure out how to not only live paycheck to paycheck, but also try and figure out how to save for retirement. No more middle of the night calls, weekend calls for car emergencies, no more late nights of working and no calls while we are on dates from someone needing a car repair!

Can we just say these are the CONS of being a business owner? Oh and not to mention I no longer have to waste valuable farming time or gardening time on inputting invoices and bills into quickbooks!

There are some pros to being a business owner these past few years, which are that I got to stay home with the kids all these years, even from the time he started up the business! It has treated us well and we have been very blessed by it and by the people we have met. There are some great people in this community that have really supported us through this endeavour and we appreciate not only their business but also them as people!

But yep...


So now you are asking ok what is he doing right?? Well, he is off to good old Alaska! He will be a diesel mechanic there in the frigid cold for a month at a time and then home for two weeks to work on the farm. This first round should work out to where he is home just in time to really help set up the garden! Til then I will be in the greenhouse prepping starts and keeping myself busy! Yep I just became a "single" parent of three! Yikes!

So we closed up shop TODAY!  Did we plan this? NOPE! Well, kind of, but didn't realize it would come so fast! Our big thing was having to tell customers on such short notice, but we also had short notice on deciding what to do and getting Colin prepped and ready to go ASAP! It has been crazy the last few days and I don't see it getting any less crazy til we establish a new routine!

So now the cons...the BIG one and probably the only one is I will be missing my hubby ALOT! There is a pro to that however, which is that I will have him for 14 days all to myself! (I warned him his "farm chores" and "to dos" will be rather long when I see him) 

Will it suck? Yep sure will! Not going to sugar coat that one! Will I be sad? Yep sure will! 
Will I have my up and down days? Yep! 

I didn't marry him for him to be gone...I actually like him and enjoy his company! I always said I never wanted to be a navy or military wife because I can't handle my husband an best friend being away! 

So warning to you all... I may or may not post my "bad" days and it may or may not be about farming! I can't guarantee anything when it comes to blogging!

I will need a place to just write and this will be it! However, I am hoping this will allow me to get some of my "draft" blog posts done in regards to farming since I will have nights to myself.

So please pray for our family as we take on this new adventure. With how everything fell into place it seemed as though this was the "right" decision to make and we feel somewhat of a relief because those cons of being self employed can really drag a person down...daily! So I am happy cause I know my husband is and will be happy!

Thanks for taking the time to read this! 

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