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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

February Gardenin: Transplanting, Direct Sow and Seed Starting Part

Late February: Transplanting, Direct Sow and Seed Starting

Our Late February Gardening: Transplanting, Direct Sow and Seed Starting

Sorry this totally took me way longer that I wanted to post and what I have come to realize is once you start sowing seeds you kind of dont stop! Here is hoping I can enlighten you on things I am doing and learning through the process each month. 

If you are just starting your gardening season review my first post for the year HERE.

My seeds I started in Part 1 (You can read that post here) are doing pretty well. The one seeds that never sprouted was borage so I actually direct sowed that seed. More about that on my potato planting post HERE!

Here are MY seeds! Crazy right??? Yeah come to find out I am chicken crazy AND seed crazy ha! Makes for a good farmer right?

So lets talk about some things I direct sowed this month...actually a few days ago. (So if you haven't started you definetly aren't too late so dont panic!) 

Our weather has been pretty rad so you may or may not get to direct sow right now but hopefully I help you prep in some way for when it is your planting time! I planted onion starts that I got from the local nursery because they are the awesome walla walla onions that I grow every year and I love them! I planted them various spots, one spot being mixed in with my fall garlic that is growing. 

I also read that strawberries and onions are fabulous companions and my goal for this year is learning all about companion planting and really using each space of my garden to IT'S full advantage for the best crops possible! Read more about that on this blog post (Companion Planting Strawberries and Onions)

I also added some walla walla onions in the containers I had on my deck with garlic in them as well. Can you believe I still have more onions to plant!
 Lettuce coming along nicely...

My first time planting artichokes! Can't wait!

I also started planting some pea seeds directly into the soil. They sprout pretty quickly and if we only have a frost here and there and not multiple days they seem to withstand it. I also have some asparagus starts that I picked up at the local nursery that I am going to direct sow! (Green AND Purple!)

Here is an herb tray of seedlings enjoying the light that I started beginning of February! Want to know what my set up looks like? Check out this blog post.

Something else I did was transplant almost all my sprouted seedlings that looked like they were thriving into clear cups and wrote on the cups what plant they were. I also thinned out any that need it so most cups contain 2-3 seedlings still. It is nice cause with pellets or pods you dont have to touch the root systems so it doesn't shock the sensitive seedling as much.

He thinks he is helping me get more seeds going...

What I started indoors...
I started more seeds in the pellets rather than the pods because they seem to germinate alot quicker and almost 100% sprouting in each of the pellets. The pods I am having trouble with them all sprouting. There is a difference in the soil used in both of these and in the pellets it is coconut coir which is a little less acidic. You can read more about them HERE. I also like the pellets more because when you transplant them out into the garden they have a porous wall and the roots can break free! So I am going with pellets this round along with the rest of my seed starting. I  had to order up a good 200 more for rest of February planting and to get started on March!!!

*Just so you all know I get a kick back if you order the pods which I am not recommending as I only recommend what I feel works the best because I want to be honest with you all on what works and doesn't work. I DO NOT get a kickback if you purchase the pellets but please let Mary know if you found her page from reading something I wrote!

I planted in these broccoli, along with some PURPLE broccoli too! Also, cabbage (Bok Choy and regular cabbage), cauliflower, three pellets of rhubarb (I have two rhubarb plants already) eggplant and celery!

Check out my potatoes that I also planted in this Potato Planting Post HERE!

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