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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

March Seeds and Gardening

March Seeds & Gardening...

Between hatching out baby chicks, final days of the pigs, breeding the rabbits, I still manage to enjoy my gardening time! Plants are sprouting all over the place and I love it! We have had alot of rain but in between the rainy days we have some wonderful sunny and rather warm days!

Most of my herbs are other starts are still hanging out under the lights. I have planted a few in the greenhouse in the milk jugs and in the garden gutters.

I am working on putting the gutters all the way around the fencing (where the sun hits) to take advantage of all the garden space I have that the chickens can't get to! I love it and love the added space. These first ones I did by the gate contain marigolds and nasturtiums so bring those bees in! Others will contain herbs, radishes (planted this month direct sow), Persian Carrots (planted direct sow this month) and probably a few lettuce starts I have going. Anything with a small root system will work in these.  

My artichokes and basil plants are doing great! Gotta love the smell of fresh basil!

I am constantly transplanting my little seedlings into cups to keep them growing til hubby gets home and I can plant almost all these starts in the new garden space which I will reveal in another post!

All of my broccoli and cabbage starts got transplanted into the cups awaiting the new garden beds where they will have plenty of room to grow!

Louffa Gourds...these will be rather interesting to see how they turn out! I guess you leave them on the vines and they dry out and turn into your own louffa pads! How fun!

Nasturtiums get crazy roots like this along with squashes and gourds! Time to upgrade them to plastic cups to prep for the outdoors!

 Other items growing well!

The seeds I have started this month so you can be on track with me as well are squashes, pumpkins, cantaloupe, watermelons and gourds! I am constantly adding more starts of things that I have already started in the past month such as different lettuce varieties and herbs.

I completed another bed and it has pole beans, which I soaked first for a few days then transplanted and they are doing great! 

The bed I planted contains: Kentucky wonder beans, Sugar ann peas, harris model parsnips, champion radishes, romaine lettuce with red, white and yellow onions mixed in in between, then an extra row of onions, chard and another row of walla walla onions.

Find most of these seeds I have mentioned at my seed store! 

Check out this Organic Gardener's Handbook that tells you about each seed in the store and how to plant it!

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