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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Potato Experiment of 2015 Update

The Potato Experiment Update...

The Potato Tower Update 
Yay! The purple majesty potatoes that I planted where the eyes are facing outwards in the wire towers are popping out from the sides! They are getting bigger everyday! Check out why I decided to plant this variety that way HERE.
 So this means the plants will keep shooting out the sides so the multiple layers of potatoes will keep producing. Can't way to see the yield on these!

I had a few more yukon seeds left and I had this box in my stash of free pallets so I added a few boards so all the straw wouldn't fall out and put straw on the bottom and sides, added about 6" of soil, then added the seeds and put soil and straw layers on the top. Just a small little box to finish out my stash!
 I also had some La Rouge potatoes left but no soil and no money in the budget to get any soil so I figured since I can tell the towers are working, why not try and ALL straw tower. So I put straw on the base, added my seeds with the eyes facing outwards and added another layer of straw. I repeated this about six times and the final layer you make it where those eyes point up so the plants just come out of the top. I made two of these so we will see what the lack of soil does with growing potatoes! Maybe it will produce a better yield because we do get alot of rain so they definitely wont be rotting out!

 The two towers
The tires with the yukons in them along with the potato bags are doing great as well. I can't wait to have some yummy potatoes very soon! Did you plant potatoes? What way are you trying?

Happy Farming!

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