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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Rants of the day...

Somestimes I just have to blog about it cause I literally can't stand it anymore! Two things have been driving me nuts lately so here goes nothing! Comment if you would like but hopefully this will hit home with people and the things that have been coming my way lately.

Rant #1: I am so frustrated these days with human society in general! People are so blind lately as to what a company does to "hide" the facts or to "point fingers" at others for blaming instead of taking the blame for YES the mistakes THEY made. I would feel much better about a company that admitted to their mistakes and lack of knowledge and informed consumers on how they were going to fix these mistakes. Going into hiding and pointing fingers and blaming the "I got scared" card is NOT how a company should respond. Doing so does not speak well of their integrity and their passion for being transparent to their consumers.

I dont see how people are so blind and gullible to what is being fed to them as consumers. Companies need to cut it out and start taking the blame of their lack of knowledge and then either change for the better or be transparent in their to consumers so the consumer can make their own judgement call. I have many people that I know that sell and use products that have chemicals in the labels. They choose to still use those products ok that is fine but at least they know and can make their own judgement calls. They can't say they were not told that chemicals were contained in the products. This is a choice each person makes and should have the option to make.

Not putting ingredients on the ingredients label well that is just showing their lack of knowledge of their own products and owners knowingly hiding these ingredients from the consumers. This is not the fault of the consumers or anyone that has questioned them and the products they claim to be transparent in their ingredients.

Sorry but this is just so frustrating! Please take time to turn your products around and read labels! I put my time and energy into knowing what ingredients are in the products because it is IMPORTANT for my own family!

You guys are my family as well. You have trusted my opinions and knowledge so therefore I strive to not let you all down. Do I make mistakes? Sure! Will I admit it? YES of course, this is how I learn also! I would never promote or encourage something to you that I wouldn't use/eat/grow in my own life! It is called CARING!

The point of this rant is please do your own research. Don't complain or point fingers when you have made your own choices in life. Don't blindly believe what a company tells you do your own research if what you put in and on your body matters to you and your family!

Rant #2: On  another note I really hate it when people say, "Well you sell personal care products, so this means you are bias to what you promote and make money from."

Uh ok sure if you want to look at it that way. DO YOU work? DO YOU like where you work and believe in the company that you work for? DO YOU have a passion for your career? If not well then I feel sorry for you cause everyday you are going to a place and promoting a company you do not like or believe in. Why? Why waste your time away from family to do a job you dont enjoy and have a passion for?

I for one do not see it that way with the company I choose to work with. I SELL because I believe in the company and their whole vision, so much so that I learn about it more than I really need to. You would be amazed at what they "sneak" into products that harm your health and your body. I personally want to see a company succeed that has their heart into it and has the best interest of the consumers in mind with every ingredient they place in their products. With all the time and energy I invest in the multiple questions and helping people, sure I make a little bit of profit that is just an added bonus. You make money at your job right? Well then there you go! Stop thinking I have some hidden agenda or I am "bias" which seems to be the new word that people use when they want to be mean and rude. When you go to a job everyday (at least I dont have to go anywhere and I get to choose my own hours) where you make money selling to others as well don't judge other career minded people. If you dont like what you do or believe in the company you work for well then maybe you and I should talk! The point of life is to make the most of it which is also my own personal goal!

So point of this second rant it to enjoy what you are doing because you have one life to live. Make a difference not only in your personal finances but make sure what you do everyday also makes a difference in people's lives as well!

-Greener Living

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