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Saturday, April 9, 2016

God's Timing...

So when I get the same question alot it shows me I should probably just "blog about it." I know people are curious as to why we chose to stay put...for a bit only. Well, so will keep it short.

Yes we had actually sold our house but we also had a contingency in place that stated if we don't progress with a house in Kentucky we could actually receive our old house back. We had a great house in mind when we put our house up for sale. It was a CRAZY week with about 10+ showings and they are like wolves out there with houses that go on the market due to there being so little on the market. We got an offer...actually two but we didn't get the house we wanted in Kentucky which kind of put a damper on the whole situation. That stress bubble grew on my end of the spectrum and it grew fast! trying to homeschool, my phone ringing off the hook with agents wanting to show, and then other issues with moving coming up it goes INSANE! My daughter is from a previous marriage and her dad and I have a great relationship as far as she is concerned. Let's just say the news didn't go over well even though she wanted to go with us I knew it was going to not be a good 5 years (til she was 18) if we moved. Then I realized how much paperwork I had to redo from our parenting plan and that brings lawyer fees etc. Not knowing where we were moving to and not finding a house I truly adored we just put a stop to it. The people buying our house were also about to put their house on the market and I just felt that this was happening in the wrong order. Not a good gut was in my stomach for a few days.

So now what? Well, we told the buyers and I assume it crushed them cause I know how much they liked our house but we really needed to do what was best for our family and moving wasn't the right time. Once Colin and I decided that I felt instant relief. I could tell the boys could even see the difference in my stress level cause they started to act out during all this as well but have seemed to calm down in the last few days.

What God was showing me (our family): We have wanted to move for years and "hem and haw" about it often. I think God wanted to show us that yes moving will be good but not now and let me show you why. So even though this was the worst month of my life we now know we have a plan for it to occur in five years. It makes sense now but didn't make sense a month ago why the "wait" was needed. We understand it and wont be wondering or thinking should we move now? It is now one of those things we arent going to be wondering about basically daily. We learned a ton about buying and selling and just the whole process so we are more than ready for it to occur in five years. My daughter will be graduated and looking at colleges and making some of her own decisions on where her life is going to take her. We feel like everyone is now warned...BE WARNED EVERYONE that we WILL be moving in about 5 years no less. :)

So that is the scoop. So we are still doing the farming thing and investing into our house and enjoying what we have been given. All in God's timing even if we have no clue what is occurring at the time there is ALWAYS a plan...ALWAYS!


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