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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Our First and Only Year of Homeschooling Has Completed!

Wow talk about a crazy and interesting year! It has been a mix of emotions this whole year. Now dont get me wrong I have loved homeschooling and seeing Hunter grow and Tate wanting to learn right behind him. Kylee has done awesome in public school and I haven't ever had to worry about her and her grades. She was a 7th grader in 8th grade math so had some hiccups there but she learned and passed for the year so yeah to that!

I will say one thing homeschooling is hard! Freakin' hard, so hands down to those that have done it the whole time. It takes a certain parent to be able to do this for multiple years. I am glad I did it for this year and Hunter has really grown in maturity and how he handles things with being frustrated and overwhelmed. He attended a Wednesday homeschool off campus group and did well. He is very good at making friends and being social which is good. He has really excelled in many areas of his studies especially reading and writing. We did butt heads often and one thing that made it hard was Tate wanting to be involved in all aspects. Hunter didn't respond well when Tate got really loud which was OFTEN! As I look back though it actually go pretty well and he did learn which amazes me that I actually taught him a few things ha! 

With going into next year and public school I at least feel comfortable to remove him if necessary from public school if things occur that I dont agree with or if he has any trouble. Here are some pictures of our journey this last year. 




Of course farm life was a big part of our homeschooling. Daily chores and tending to the animals. We did soccer for a bit and stopped for awhile but we will be starting back up next month.  

Yep sometimes we did homeschooling on the counter while I made dinner to finish up our day if we slacked.

So all in all we survived and he learned! Kind of nice to know HOW he learns and his learning potential. It will help me as I keep doing some teaching here and there this summer and to know how he is doing in school next year. So he learned this year how to read rather fluently. He is on 1st advanced sight words, he learned about the solar system, continents, the presidents along with sentence structure and punctuation. He can also write his own sentences and have them make sense :)  He loves to know what all needs to get done for the day so he likes "plans." His math skills are great! He can add and subtract, estimate, figure out most word problems. He also learned about money and telling time. Amazing how fast they learn! I can't wait to have some one on one time with Tate to get him going as well. Just need to always remember learning can and should be fun! 

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