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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Sensory Weather Bottles

Sensory Weather Bottles...

What is the Weather Like Today?
In the schooling this year I will be doing alot of sensory activities. I feel this will really benefit my child's learning! So in all schools at this age there is "calendar time" and looking outside to see what the weather is, well, instead of drawing and cutting out cute little pictures of the sun, rain, clouds etc Hunter, my daughter and I put together these sensory weather bottles together today! They are now all ready for when school starts to choose from based on the weather happening outside for the day!

These are so easy to make and you can kind of make them your own. I posted where I found the original idea below but I did make it our own. All supplies I got at hobby lobby. So have fun with this project!

Really all you do is figure out which bottles you want to represent what and put your own imagination and creativeness into them! Glitter is fun to add because you can think of these as little snow globes! I found my bottles in the sewing section of hobby lobby. They use these to store buttons in and were cheaper than the original idea I took this from. I also didn't see the reason to use glycerin. It didn't seem to work so you can remove that from your list of items to get and save some money!

WINDY: Added shiny leaves since leaves fall when it gets windy and we added in some gold glitter for fun. 

SUNNY: This one is fun it is just a huge yellow pom pom ball in water that we added blue food coloring to to make the "sky." Just need a couple of drops for the coloring.

SNOWY: Fun plastic snow flakes and white glitter with water makes for a fun snow globe affect! Hopefully we won't need this one for awhile! Not looking forward to farming in the snow again!

RAINY: Clear round beads that look like rain drops (adding the glycerin never made these stay on the bottom like original poster) Added two brown pom poms to make the clouds seem "dark" (hard to see in the picture) and added just some glitter for sparkle fun! Have a feeling with being in Washington this will be one of our main weather bottle choices ha!

CLOUDY: The original poster used white pom poms but we felt that was confusing with snow. These are black large pom poms that filled our jar up and added in some blue glitter, again glitter is optional, and this made for a very dark and cloudy day. Cloudy and rainy can be intermixed to me. We can have alot of cloud cover here but not have the rain so will be fun to see how those two inter change with each other as our season of rain starts to appear!

 I did not add glue to the lid like it said since no leaking was occurring and my two year old was having such fun with these and nothing was being opened on accident. I love that some of these ideas that I will be doing with my five year old will also be fun for my two year old. Pretty sure he sat at the counter playing with these for a good 45 minutes! I might need to make him his own set!

Hope you enjoyed this little easy craft! 

Happy Homeschooling!

Source: Totally Copied this idea from her but maybe you never heard of it so hearing about it from me for the first time. Still gotta give this lady the credit though for the great idea! http://www.two-daloo.com/weather-sensory-bottles-circle-time/

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