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Monday, October 19, 2015

Prevent or Cure? What is your Goal?

Let's Take Action NOW...

Finding the Cure? Or Work On Prevention?

Oh I know what you are saying as you open this blog post..."Here she goes trying to sell me something." Actually I have no quota to meet or pressure to sell any products. I am going to explain to you how people need to stop focusing all their attention on curing cancer and take action on helping prevent it in the first place! Is Poofy Organics doing just that? YES! So YES I will explain in a little bit as to WHY I sell Poofy Organics again after taking a year hiatus. 

A little story from my life ... 
My grandmother had diabetes for most of her senior adult life and, as she aged, it got worse. She was told and warned of what would be required of her to keep the disease at bay--eat better, get some daily exercise--and really take note of what she was putting in her body that was going to make her blood sugar skyrocket and damage her organs and eyesight and affect her over all well being. My grandmother was a good woman, but she liked her food and her sweets. She pretty much made the choice to keep eating how she wanted and never really made exercise a priority in her life. Diabetes finally took her life in 2014, a bit too soon if you ask me. I do know she is up singing with Jesus and all the angels though, as she was a gospel singer so wouldn't surprised me if that is what she is doing right now! Sure, she lived a pretty long life; but, the last three years her life was a hard one to live. She made choices and they were not always good ones with regard to her health. Since diabetes is in our family history, my mom has chosen to combat it by eating right and exercising. In fact, she provides free workout classes at her church to help others combat diseases as well. She has obtained certifications in fitness and nutrition. My mom has made the choice as to how she is going to treat her body here on earth and has chosen PREVENTION--as much as possible. 

Perhaps many reading this have cancer in your family line, just as I have diabetes in MY family lineage.  We ALL face various genetic issues--some that we are well aware of--and some that we are not.  Case in point...my mom WAS diagnosed with diabetes just this year. However, she is managing it with the good choices she is making. While she may not be able to cure it, she also isn’t choosing to worsen her condition. In fact, her doctor often tells her he wishes all his patients would be as proactive as she is in holding her disease at bay!  I, too, will probably be facing this diagnosis down the road and I have the choice NOW on how I am going to prevent, prepare, and respond NOW with what I put in and on my body. I can also decide to take action with what I eat and how physically fit I am NOW.  

Rest in peace my sweet, gospel singing grandmother Jackie and prayers to all of you that have lost loved ones.
Want to keep reading? Then let's learn!

We should start with our focus on how to lower our risk of cancer. Someone having cancer is almost becoming a norm which by no means do we want the BIG C to become a "norm" in our lives! 

We need to start kicking it in the tail before it gets us by changing a few things in our daily routine! 

One thing we need to remember is that there are still many "unknowns" about cancer but also TONS of "knowns" about it as well. We all want to help cure cancer, actually beat it to the ground so it never returns again along with many other illnesses that affect our well being, but yet we are not wanting to realize how we get cancer or other illnesses in the first place which is by the toxins we put in our body! Want to lower your risk of cancer or want to just keep throwing money at trying to find a cure? We know the "cure"...well kind of, at least to a point that you can try and defeat the odds of it occurring to you...its called chemicals aka toxins.

We need to stop supporting companies that throw toxins in our products because in buying their products we are saying that "we don't care what you put in the products as long as they cover up a zit or remove a blemish or make me feel clean and pretty!" Support companies that are actually chemical free! Companies that their goal is your health and well being and they show it in the products they are providing! 

Look at this list below, this is a good start to see are any of these ingredients in your products? I can almost guarantee you have each one of these chemicals in a few products in your home and that are apart of your daily routine. 

Go look at a product you might be surprised to find one of these ingredients in them...

I am not perfect!
I can't say, even though I wish I could, that I am a chemical free household but I am definitely. slowly working my way towards it!

Another good website to check out and actually search for the products in your home to see what level of hazard they are is ewg.org/skindeep The higher the number the more hazard the product is...pick a product you use daily and submit it. Learn about the ingredients. Are you still wanting to use it after reading what you read?

If you didn't look over the links above you kind of should. You will be surprised at what you learn. I know I was! I am learning more each day in regards to this topic! It becomes a bit scary as to what is out there and why people would choose to contaminate our bodies for a little change in their pockets. Is human life really worth the extra bucks? Lately it seems as though the products that have cancer causing agents in them are the ones that are coating their products in the "pink" aka "pinkwashing".

Well, I can say for a fact that Poofy Organics VALUES human life! 
They have lived and breathed cancer in their family and they are on a mission to provide products that you can use on your body, in your home etc that are vacant of any chemicals or toxins that will potentially harm you later in life, not to mention prevent you from getting cancer!

So it says above..Why Poofy? Well if these symbols above in the picture don't convince you enough as to why I sell poofy or as to why you should look into the products then not sure what more to say besides once you look you wont look elsewhere for anything else!

You won't find any other company that makes all their products in house, that is also cruelty free, gluten free, vegan free, no gmo ingredients and the BIG one USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC!
Not quite sure on what USDA certified organic means or how it affects you? Well, one big fact is that when you are USDA certified organic you have to have at a min 95% of certified organic material in your product. When you use the phrase "organic" (not certified), "non toxic," "green," "chemical free" etc you only have to have a min of 70% of organic material in your product and some of these prhases you dont even have to have that much!

Now do you understand? I am open to questions if you have them just post below or email me! Lets start helping each other be more healthy not only in our lives but also our choices!
Check out all the products now!

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More Links of which chemicals to avoid...

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