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Sunday, January 3, 2016

2016 Eggs and Chicks and Update of Aisling Farms!

Wow has it been that long since I last blogged? Crazy! The holidays came and went for us and I survived with hubby being away for them. I am surprised that I did rather well but it also helped to celebrate when he was home even if Santa did have to visit us a week early than everyone else. I guess you can say we are special then :) 

Between chickens chores, rabbit chores, homeschooling and my many other random tasks around the farm, I have been rather busy and I haven't had much time to put much down in writing but alot has been going on! We are getting our lovely winter right now so everyday I am lugging down to the coops steaming hot water to unfreeze their waterers. That is not my most fun chore but honestly it could be raining and I think I prefer the snow over the rain when it comes to farm life! I am thankful we also have a running creek right now so makes it where some of the birds can just drink from the creek and the ducks can get their daily swim in! (still dont understand how they can get in that water when it is 25 degrees! BRRR!!!)

I have been prepping too for chick season! If you are wanting to add chickens to your farm this year I will have some available soon!!! I am super excited to start hatching again from my eggs, that are almost too pretty to eat! I have just posted the 2016 Egg/Chick Information if you are interested in purchasing from Aisling Farms this year. 

We are putting our garden on hold for this year so that we could focus more on some of our farm tasks that have priority this year and we are also going to try and do a couple extra family vacations. I will be looking at doing a full winter garden in my greenhouse...that is my plan anyways for fall/winter 2016.

We will still be doing 4H Pigs with my daughter so all that will be happening sooner than later! We typically get them in April. She will be taking care of them daily and training them to see who is the best to take to fair!

I have also been busy with taking some courses through Aromahead Institute and learning more about the natural healing with essential oils. We can eat right but if we are using chemical based products in our home and on our body then our lifestyle isn't totally chemical free and can still play a role in our health! So I do that alot at night which makes for long days, especially after homeschooling all day. Also, if you are not aware I also sell Certified Organic products! Check them out here!

As far as homeschooling is concerned it is going well! We actually took all of December off while Colin was home so we could do our early Christmas. We are back at it now and I did contemplate on putting him in public school for January but still that mama gut said nah keep going, so I am. I am loving it even though we do have our bad days but then at least I can say "School is out for the day!" He is doing well and progressing very well. I love seeing him learn and grow in his learning. I can't believe he couldn't read in August and he is actually reading and writing tons now! He amazes me each day we do school on what he is grasping so I will continue on the homeschooling journey til my mama gut tell me otherwise! 

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and finale of 2015! Here's to 2016! Make it a great year!

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